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.Producing an onsite interview with engaging music is becoming a necessity if you expect to engage your audience. This particular interview was conducted by Camila Mendoza a journalist with Los Diario Las America and Univision. Joaquin Manuel is a developer of nail polish using innovative techniques and memorable colors. We produced, captured, edited and prepared the content for digital distribution. During the editing phase, we used Ableton Live to produce music rich with Latin flavor and a modern rhythm bed. We used music during key interview questions to liven the moment and not just as a transitional effect. We will continue to explore exciting ways to make interviews more exciting to watch, and easier to remember with the help of immersive music. Some of our future plans include recording 360 videos and audio so that users can choose the camera position with only a mouse or their fingers when viewing with a mobile device. Click the link to view the interview as it was aired with the publication.

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