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We cover a large range of creative audio and video projects with training sessions and extensive tech support options.

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Recording Studios
Pro Audio Nerds designs and builds custom state-of-the-art recording studios for music recording artists, independent record labels, and others who want a studio in their home, office, or vehicle. If we can imagine it, we can build it, using the latest technologies, private servers, and wireless systems that increase your productivity
Creative Mobile Experiences
Pro Audio Nerds is an industry go-to for state-of-the-art recording studios (mobile or stationary); captivating copy; creative branding; web development and content management; and next-generation technology.
3D & 360 Audio
Over the next few years immersive audio platforms will change how we hear audio forever. 3D & 360 audio will improve your museum installations, music concerts, experiential marketing events, home theaters, and pro audio installations.
Live Broadcasting
It’s become more and more necessary to use digital media to showcase your message to viewers and potential customers. With the advancement of technology its not possible to stream to TV or social media platforms in a more cost effective manner while retaining HD quality video.
Pro Audio Home Theater
Traditional home theater installation can often be very complicated to operate, carry a heavy price tag and must be serviced by the original installer. With our pro audio home theater solution we offer the same systems used to mix hollywood movies and integrate them into your home theater experience with capabilities for video conferencing, small recording studio, and music production work space.
Concultant/Engineering Services
You can count on us to worry about the details, so that you don’t have to. Our service includes ensuring that wiring, interior design, and all of your equipment and gear functions exactly as planned, that each component is properly placed, configured, and fully operational.
Educational STEM/STEAM consultation and program design.
“Why can’t kids be professional engineers? They won’t be developing cars at 5 years-old, but imagine the level of access and IQ enhancing programs Pro Audio Kids affords. This is just one of the questions founder Anthony Fernandez ponders as he dreams of a world where kids are limited only by their access.

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